The client

Genesis, a global leader in genetic science and health technology, is revolutionizing health and wellness through its expertise in Genomic Sequencing, Artificial Intelligence, and Smart Health. Their advanced genomic science, exemplified by the GenesisGaia platform, offers comprehensive sequencing services and empowers life sciences and pharmaceutical research with vital genomic and phenotypic data.

The challenge

The health experts faced a unique challenge in providing comprehensive solutions. Their primary goal was to offer instant and real-time consultations, enabling patients to discuss their genetic test results with healthcare professionals effectively. The challenge lay in integrating a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly platform for video consultations within their existing app.

This was needed to facilitate direct and immediate communication between patients and in-house doctors, focusing on dissecting and gaining clarity on genetic test results almost instantaneously.

The solution

With the need for a tailored remedy, Genesis partnered with Confy. The telemedicine providers addressed the electronic consultation roadblock by embedding its advanced platform into Genesis's existing app. This merger was designed to be simple and effective, complementing the health center’s services without complicating the system architecture

A standout feature of this solution is the seamless video consultation interface, which enables patients to have direct video interactions with doctors. This led to smoothing the overall process and had some lasting benefits.

  • Direct doctor access: Confy helped streamline patient-doctor communication, which is crucial for discussing and understanding complex genetic test results and enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of consultations.
  • Operational efficiency: Optimized consultation helped doctors at Genesis manage and maximize their consultation schedules efficiently, increasing productivity and patient throughput.
  • Enhanced decision-making: Through Confy's platform, Genesis patients are empowered with informed health choices, benefiting from personalized, real-time medical advice that guides their health decisions.

The Result

Integrating Confy's telemedicine platform into the Genesis app significantly improved patient care and business outcomes. Patients gained direct access to experts, enhancing their experience and enabling more informed and timely health decisions.

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