White label telemedicine application

Your brand, your mobile app with fully integrated features to to enable virtual care for your patients

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Branded Web Application

Branded Web Application

IOS & Android App

IOS & Android App

Application Deployment

Application Deployment


Integration Services

Dedicate Support

Dedicate Support

Secured Solution

Secured Solution

Fast & User Friendly Interface

Easy to use and efficient workflow with comprehensive features to enable virtual health care


Provider Management

Manage doctor, their degrees, department & schedules

Appointment Booking

Patients can view and schedule appointment as per convenience

Payment Collection

Integration with any payment gateway to collect consultation fee

Video Consultation

Seamless video consultation feature enables providers to connect with patient.

Virtual Waiting Room

Before commencement of appointment, patients can wait in a virtual waiting room

Patient records and Prescription

Patients can upload historical reports and provider can upload prescriptions

Embraced by Esteemed Clients

Trusted and adopted by esteemed clients who have harnessed the power of our telemedicine solution to enhance patient care and streamline operations.

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Experience Seamless Healthcare With Our White Label Telemedicine Solution

Watch our demo video to witness firsthand how our innovative platform empowers doctors to remotely connect with patients, provide expert medical care, and streamline healthcare delivery.

Discover how our white label telemedicine application can transform your practice.

Multi-Platform enabled telemedicine application



Provides a easy and efficient web platform to manage quality virtual healthcare



Easy access for patients to get connected with healthcare provider through IOS app



Supported on widely used android app for patients to get connected with Provider.

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What is white label partner program?

If you want to use your own brand to promote your Telemedicine application business, you should join our White label partner program.

How can I join as a partner?

To become a partner, complete the White Label Partner Program Registration Form. Our onboarding team will review your application and reach out to you.

Do I need my technology team to become a partner?

No,our team will train you on Confy telemedicine application and provide relevant technical knowledge to equip you to support clients.

How much does it cost to join the white label partner program?

There will be a one time entry cost and monthly fee depending on usage and onboarded healthcare providers. Please contact us for more information.

Is there a minimum revenue commitment to become partner?

Currently, no. We expect a one time joining fee and monthly subscription fee, which depends on usage and number of providers.

How does my customer pay?

You can bill to your customers directly as per your arrangements with your clients for white labeled solution.

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