Consulting, diagnosing and treating from a distance, without having physically met the patient.

Anyone who doesn’t need a procedure can use telemedicine.

Primary feature of Confy is video consulting. But to support full fledged process Confy provides options for appointment booking, payment collection, document upload by patients and prescription upload by healthcare providers. To know more check our features section.

Yes, Confy can be installed on private cloud infrastructure or in your data center

Yes, confy can be hosted on AWS infrastructure.

Confy implementation would require at least two server. One for video conference and the other for application and database hosting. Server speicifcations - 4 core 8 GB RAM and 500 GB storage. This specification would be sufficient for 7-10 concurrent video conference.

Yes, we also provide hosted solution, where you don’t have to worry about any IT related installation and implementation. Pricing for the hosted server will on subscription and usage basis.

Yes, while implementation we will change the application logo to your healthcare unit’s brand logo

Yes, if you are taking a dedicated hosting for your application, you will get both Android and IOS application dedicated for your healthcare unit.

Yes, you can host your Android and IOS application on Google playstore or Apple appstore. We will assist you to get the apps hosted. However, to host on playstore or appstore you should have an account with both Google playstore and Apple appstore.

Yes, we support API integration with any third party application supporting REST API.

We support REST API.

Currently, we have integrated with Stripe and Razorpay. However, we can integrate with any other payment gateway specific to your region.

Yes, it is feasible. We have to understand your invoicing system and it should support REST API integration.

Yes, we support customization request on the features provided by Confy.

No, we don’t keep any recording of the conversation or the videos of consultation. This is done in accordance to the convention of data privacy and security purposes.

Yes, we support multi-lingual. However, we would require assistance from clients to translate the literals and interface messages.

We have a dedicated team for support. Depending on the plan you may also be assigned with a relationship manager as a single point of contact for your support related queries.

No, we support worldwide clients.

Yes, post implementation our team will provide training to your operation team and related stakeholders.

No, you don’t have to have your internal IT team for implementation and maintenance. However, it is good to have your internal IT team for resolving minor non application related issues like network.

Our implementation team will do implementation. In case you are deploying on your private datacenter, we would require a remote access for implementation.

Yes, we will support in maintenance of your application. However, we also would require assistance from your in-house IT team specifically in case of private datacenter installation.

Yes, you can resell our application in your region. To know more contact us.

There will be a one time cost for implementation and other factors such as number of healthcare providers for dedicated installation. For hosted application pricing will depend on usage and number of healthcare providers. To know more contact us.