The client

Glo, a leading telecommunications company in Nigeria, is known for its innovative digital solutions that enhance regional connectivity. Committed to harnessing technology for societal advancement, the telecom providers have initiated an ambitious endeavor. This project focuses on integrating healthcare services into its diverse portfolio to enhance healthcare accessibility for its user base.

The challenge

In Nigeria, while telecom services have achieved widespread accessibility, healthcare remains less accessible to the general population. Glo recognized this as a chance to expand its offerings beyond telecom. The main hurdle here was to connect doctors and hospitals, providing seamless telehealth services while leveraging Ethnomet’s existing consultation services. This aimed to provide easy access, high-quality healthcare, and smooth integration into Glo's digital infrastructure.

The solution

In a unique partnership with Confy, Glo reimagined how telecom and healthcare came together. The telemedicine solution consists of a patient app and a flexible access system for healthcare providers, available on both web and mobile platforms. This is designed so Glo can integrate as a tenant within the Ethnomet platform, enhancing administrative capabilities, including hospital management, in the future.

This lead to the following benefits:

  • Increased reach and convenience: he partnership introduces a solution that combines Glo's telecom expertise with Confy's healthcare technology. This resulted in easier access to healthcare services for users, with the flexibility of both web and mobile platforms for patients and providers.
  • Improved administration: By integrating into the Ethnomet platform, Glo enhanced its administrative functions, leading to more efficient management of hospitals and potentially other healthcare services like pharmacies
  • Future expansion: The collaboration laid the groundwork for expanding and adding comprehensive healthcare features, facilitating a unified and extensive healthcare service network.

The Result

Glo has significantly enhanced healthcare accessibility for its users, integrating advanced telemedicine services into its telecom network. This has improved healthcare management and operational efficiency, setting a precedent for effective technology integration in healthcare.

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