The client

Ethnomet is a prominent Canadian digital health-as-a-service provider with a global footprint specializing in innovative healthcare IT solutions.

The challenge

In Nigeria, a nation of over 210 million people, providing quality healthcare services posed a challenge, especially in remote rural areas where most of the population live. The delicate nature of healthcare data mandates a steadfast commitment to confidentiality. Ethnomet faced the pivotal task of constructing a dependable system to safeguard sensitive information while upholding patients’ privacy.

The solution

Ethnomet partnered with Confy, a telemedicine software provider, to tailor their platform and meet the unique challenges of Nigerian healthcare. The following unique solutions catered to every idea that Ethnomet had identified.

Innovative Multi-Tenant Architecture: Confy tailored its software with a multi-tenant architecture, introducing a structured hierarchy of administrative rights that formed the backbone of the platform's functionality. The architecture consisted of

  • Ethnomet (Super Admin): Exercising overarching control, Ethnomet commanded multiple tenants encompassing hospital chains and healthcare conglomerates.
  • Tenants: Positioned as the intermediaries, tenants orchestrated associated healthcare facilities and spanned hospital centers to vital subsidiaries.
  • Hospital Admins: Served as vigilant overseers; Hospital Admins managed hospital centers and facilitated onboarding of Healthcare Providers (HCPs).
  • HCPs: Integral to patient care, HCPs, or Healthcare Providers, efficiently manage appointments, orchestrating seamless medical consultations.

Balancing Flexibility and Privacy: Confy’s innovative architecture offered partitioned access and role distribution across user levels, fortified by role-based licensing. This meticulous approach thwarted procedural missteps and unauthorized access, ensuring patient data privacy and averting operational disruptions.

Empowering Patient Contributors: Addressing the digital literacy gap, Confy orchestrated customization to integrate "patient contributors." These localized healthcare entities served as a pivotal bridge, facilitating appointments and seamless telecommunication for patients in remote areas.

Domain Segmentation: Despite the shared platform, domain segmentation safeguarded data privacy. This segmentation encapsulated each tenant within a secure digital enclave, ensuring exclusive one-on-one access to proprietary data.

Seamless Interface: Patients luxuriated in a frictionless interface facilitated by unique mobile apps tailored for each tenant. This personalized experience empowered patients to traverse the healthcare landscape effortlessly – downloading dedicated healthcare provider apps, selecting hospitals, handpicking doctors, and intuitively booking appointments.

Intelligent Integrations: Confy's integration of pharmacy and laboratory management systems elevated the platform to offer an all-encompassing healthcare experience. Patients could upload prescriptions, procure medicines online, and access lab reports in simple steps, ushering in a new era of comprehensive medical management.

The outcome

Confy helped bolster healthcare accessibility by connecting patients with healthcare professionals nationwide, transcending geographical limitations. Ethnomet could now streamline appointment booking through user-friendly mobile apps optimized for scheduling efficiency. Remote patient monitoring enabled the enhancement of chronic disease management. The innovative inclusion of patient contributors generated additional revenue opportunities and created new employment avenues for local healthcare facilities.

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