What is Telemedicine ?

Etymology and Meaning

The word Telemedicine is a Portmanteau word , which originated from the Greek words Tele meaning distance and Medicine originating from the Latin word Meden, meaning to heal. It is still not listed as an English word by the Oxford dictionary but used nonetheless. In simple terms, it means healing from a distance.


During ancient times, when a ship would have outbreak of a disease, it would not be allowed to the port, Rathee, it would be anchored at a distance and doctors would visit the ship on boats to check the sick sailors. If the disease was found to be contagious, the ship would be quarantined and regular inspections carried out by the doctor from the shore with the help of telescopic lenses. As technology advanced over the years, telemedicine started harnessing recent developments and telescopes were replaced by telegraph, telephone and later television. The need to develop and build full scale telemedicine solutions were realised as early as 1925, whence predictions were made that strangely resemble modern telemedicine systems.

Initially used to prevent epidemic outbreaks in big cities, Telemedicine gradually found acceptance in psychiatry and mental health diagnosis over teleconsultation. By 1967, enough technology had developed to allow the University Of Miami School Of Medicine to offer help to the Miami fire department to use telemedicine through the transmission of electrocardiographic rhythms over radio in rescue situations. In 1971, NASA started experimenting to check the reliability of Telemedicine over satellite communication. In 1989, post the massive earthquake affecting large parts of Soviet Russia (U.S.S.R) joint US/U.S.S.R working group used Telemedicine successfully.

About the same time, considering the very high patients per doctor ratio in developing countries, the World Health Organization started pushing for government initiatives in Telemedicine. Currently most countries have a basic Telemedicine setup in place and guidelines to enable healthcare service providers make use of this technology.

Current Scenario

Advancements made in electronic sciences have resulted in most healthcare devices being transformed from mechanical or electromechanical to electronic forms. This has made them smaller, lighter and portable, more reliable and cheap with low maintenance. It has also helped in pairing with computers for data analysis and storage. Developments in communication technology bringing in more secure and reliable connectivity across long distances, the scope, span and reach of Telemedicine has only grown. Global standards like PACS and DICOM having been decided upon by technology groups, the technology also is ready to be used across platforms. COVID 19 has exposed the vulnerability and shortcomings of global healthcare. The future of healthcare lies in Telemedicine.

Confy Telemedicine Feature

Book Appointment

Patients can view and schedule appointment as per convenience

Payment Collection

Application can be integrated with any payment gateway to collect appointment fee

Virtual Waiting Room

Before commencement of appointment, patients can wait in a virtual waiting room

Video Consultation

Provider can initiate video consultation for those waiting in virtual waiting room

Get Patient Record

Provider can view uploaded documents including test reports and earlier prescription

Upload Prescription

Post consultation, provider can upload prescription in the application or sent through email

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